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  • Daugelio serverių vietos - 5
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8 GB
$109.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    8GB Atmintis
    150GB SSD Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
$44.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
4 GB
$59.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    4GB Atmintis
    75GB SSD Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
2 GB
$39.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    2GB Atmintis
    50GB SSD Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
$59.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
$54.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
$34.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM
Dedicated Server
Entry Server
$169 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • Procesorius
    330 Šerdys
  • RAM
    2GB Atmintis
    500GB Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
Dedicated Server
Pro Server
$439 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    16GB Atmintis
    1TB Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
Dedicated Server
Elite Server
$319 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    8GB Atmintis
    1TB Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
Dedicated Server
Standard Server
$269 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
  • RAM
    4GB Atmintis
    1TB Erdvė
    10TB Pralaidumas
  • Skirta IPS
Shared Hosting
Ecosite Premium
$11.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
Shared Hosting
Ecosite Pro
$5.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
Shared Hosting
Ecosite Lite
$2.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
$19.95 /Kas mėnesį
Išsami informacija
  • Operacinė sistema
    Unlimited SSD Erdvė
    Unmetered Pralaidumas
  • Skydai
    CPanel, WHM

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Pakuotė Kaina Disko talpa RAM Pralaidumas Operacinė sistema Skirta IPS Skydai
2 GB $39.95 SSD50 GB 2 GB 10 TB linux server plane 1 CPanel, WHM
4 GB $59.95 SSD75 GB 4 GB 10 TB linux server plane 1 CPanel, WHM
8 GB $109.95 SSD150 GB 8 GB 10 TB linux server plane 1 CPanel, WHM
Pakuotė Kaina Disko talpa Pralaidumas Operacinė sistema Svetainių skaičius Skydai
PARDAVĖJAS 10 $19.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel, WHM
PARDAVĖJAS 20 $34.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel, WHM
PARDAVĖJAS 30 $44.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel, WHM
PARDAVĖJAS 40 $54.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel, WHM
PARDAVĖJAS 50 $59.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel, WHM
Specializuotas serveris
Pakuotė Kaina Disko talpa RAM Pralaidumas Operacinė sistema Skirta IPS Procesoriaus numeris
Įėjimo serveris $169 500 GB 2 GB 10 TB linux server plane 5 330
Standartinis serveris $269 1 TB 4 GB 10 TB linux server plane 5
„Elite Server“ $319 1 TB 8 GB 10 TB linux server plane 5
„Pro Server“ $439 1 TB 16 GB 10 TB linux server plane 5
Bendrasis priegloba
Pakuotė Kaina Disko talpa Pralaidumas Operacinė sistema Svetainių skaičius Skydai
„Ecosite Lite“ $2.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane 1 CPanel
„Ecosite Pro“ $5.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel
„Ecosite Premium“ $11.95 SSDNeribota Nėra matuojamas linux server plane Neribota CPanel

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129 Komentarai

Kevin Jones

Jan 07, 2010 09:44
Outstanding company, and a very pleasant experience! Setup was fast, features work as advertised, and my site is up and running smoothly. The way web hosting SHOULD be (and often isn't these days).

Support is quick and knowledgeable, and the price is right. Highly recommended!

James Richmond

Jan 08, 2010 08:08

I have been with green geeks for some time. Throughout my time with them I have encountered a few small bumps in the road but the customer support really helped me out. They really do mean 24-7.

I cant think of a better place to host my websites.


Jan 26, 2010 03:37
So far I have no complaints with Green Geeks hosting. The control panel is full of features and fantastico is jam packed with free software. I have experienced no down time or server slow downs, since opening my account. PHP has a lot of extentions installed, all housed on an reliable Apache OS server. Mail server is reliable and so far have had no downtime in that area either.

My only real beef is the signup process was a pain.

I signed up at 8am, was told I would get a confirmation email and a telephone call to confirm my account. Since my email stated I could call them to confirm, I decided to go ahead and get a jump on it and call them at 9am EST (when they open). So, I called them, confirmed my account and was told it would be 30 minutes to an hour for the site to c...

Jan 28, 2010 06:17
Destroyer of business! Nothing but problems! Horrible support. Aside from the dns server crash and repeatedly blacklisting my access isp so I can even view my own site, spamblock after spamblock destroying my business!

Wors yet, complain or ask to speak with the owner and they will lable you as "hostile" and shut down your site on the spot without even giving you a chance to move! Worst mistake of my business career. Stay away! The only green these people are into is your money!

Michael W.

Jan 29, 2010 09:15
The quality of service that I have received over the year that I have been with them has been nothing but excellent. Their uptime is terrific, their customer support is always there and responsive. On odd occasions, I do notice their servers get a bit laggy, but within a few seconds it corrects it self. I am not actually sure if it's their servers or my connection. Overall, great service and if you're looking for a reliable, staight forward web host with no frills, then GreenGeeks is the way to go!

Denny Vollet

Jan 17, 2010 11:32
Not sure how has worked with this small company, they may have grate ratings but they have BAD staff with very bad attitudes, I am a reseller with them, I have now been trying to get a restore done of one of my customers.. . the support ticket has been logged 10 hours back, I have phoned them a number of times and they just do not care at all about you or your problems. Spoke to Jonathon he basically told me to bugger off and wait. He will do things when they have time.

Sorry but this is a not how business is done in these hard times.

Barry Nolan

Feb 18, 2010 09:45
I'm a web designer and I get a lot of my customers ask me where they should host and I have always referred them to GreenGeeks because of their great customer service and features. It's also affordable for my clients. Since they introduced their reseller web hosting, I have started offering my customers hosting through their program and have to say I'm quite impressed at the flexibility and features that I get. The level of service and support I get from them is impressive to say the least. I haven't had one of my questions go unanswered and that means a lot to me because I was never strong with hosting. I've been with them for almost a year now and I have no regrets when choosing GreenGeeks as my web hosting provider, neither do my clients.

Dave Dawes

Feb 28, 2010 02:26
I canceled because of out-of-hours technical support which is mission-critical to me. I needed to sort out a number of problems at the weekend and the support was just not responsive enough.

Previous hosting companies have provided impressive 24/7 customer support via live chat (so you are not waiting hours between emails) but they are not Drupal specialists which is what I needed for this site. The 24/7 support via live chat is only at a very basic level which is mainly regurgitating FAQ links and then asking you to email technical support with anything above that.

A real shame as they seemed a really good ecological web hosting company.

Ronnie J

Mar 04, 2010 07:14
Signed up with them a few months ago and have been getting the service that I have paid for. There have been minor hiccups, mostly my fault but they were there each step of the way to help me through my stupidity. It's good to know that there are smart people on the other end. I also love that they are green, it makes hosting with them even that much better. Lots of features and affordable. Great host!


Mar 10, 2010 12:18
I am not a customer just yet, but I will be signing up with GreenGeeks. I am very impressed with the way that Trey Gardner, the CEO addresses complaints about his company. It gives me full confidence that if something does happen, they actually care to look into and resolve any issues that may be outstanding and that's something I have not seen in a lot of the other companies. It almost seems like there is no one even behind those companies.

I'm pretty hopeful that Trey won't be responding to my complaint, but I know if I do have one he'll at least answer my concerns. GreenGeeks is a winner in my book!


Mar 13, 2010 11:46
I have just renewed my subscription with GreenGeeks and thought a 1 year period with them was sufficient for a review. Since signing up with them, I have had nothing but excellent service and actually am very impressed with the quality of service they they provide. It's something that I didn't have at my previous hosting provider (and the reason why I switched). They helped me move my site over, which was painless. Anytime I made the attempt to get in touch with their support, I have always been able to get someone that knew what they were talking about, which is also great! I had an issue with my domain transfer, but they quickly resolved that once it was brought to their attention. In the end, good service, good people, good price. I say go for it, you won't regret it.

Roger Willis - RW Media

Apr 01, 2010 12:09
I signed up for the sprout plan and the plan has been great so far. I have 6 sites that I have added this month with no problems. I can easily install a variety of applications. I've installed Joomla and Wordpress several times no problem.
I have had some problems trying to get Magento working on the server. An auto-install of Magento would be awesome and would save a lot of time!

Customer Service
The Green Geek customer service has replied to me every time w/i 20 minutes. I was quite pleased with the response time of support.
Everyonce and a while I will go through Live Support and they usually get my answer my question; when they cannot they just refer me to [email protected]

So overall, things are great. The next thing I am going to try and do is setup...

Irene King

Apr 14, 2010 02:50
Reviewing a company when you're upset is probably the wrong thing to do, but since this isn't the first time that I've had issues, I feel totally justified.

As I sit here at four o'clock in the morning, I'm waiting to hear from customer support to find out why my account with my three little sites has been suspended. My account was paid over a month ago. Two of the sites are in framework stage - one has ten (count 'em) very patient subscribers and the other has none. My primary site is just building up subscriber traffic again because I moved to a new emailing company, and I haven't let everyone know that I'm back online and am ready to receive traffic.

So my account was suspended because of too much server activity. WTF???

This isn't the first time that this happe...

Charlie Ruth

Dec 25, 2009 11:28
I'm having a very pleasant experience with GreenGeeks. I accidentally deleted all my files and technical support was able to retrieve my files and help me restore, this wasn't part of their service but they did me the favor. I have no complaints with their service. Excellent speed and uptime, my customers haven't complained to me once about that. Great host, very much recommended.

Colin Hercus

Apr 15, 2010 04:45
Hi, WE recently move dto Greengeeks after reading good reviews here and having had a lot of downtime with previous service.
However this morning Greengeeks just took our web site offline with no warning and want us to pay for dedicated server. We have a simple web site using TikiWiki and a few users, maybe 200 visitors/week but Greengeeks claim we used more than 80% CPU all attributed to tiki-index.php.
This may be true, as tiki-index does keyword site search but it usually only takes a few seconds at most to search the site.
I think they should give us some warning and a chance to look to correct the site.

If you are using open source software and you don't know how much CPU time it will use be careful, your business web site could just disappear without any warning ...

Phil Schwarz

Apr 15, 2010 05:16
I write eBooks for a living and needed a place that could delivery security and a stable hosting environment for people to purchase my books from. After learning about them through several of the top 10 sites and reading so many great things about them, I decided to give them a try. I was moving from another provider and have no clue how to transfer over, so I took advantage of the free migration service that they offer. They notified me when they started and when they finished, my site was on GreenGeeks before I knew it. Excellent communication. Since being on their servers, I have noticed a speed improvement and definitely a reliability improvement. These guys are good and them being green is just icing on the cake!

Colin Hrecus

Apr 16, 2010 02:44
Watch out for these guys. Don't be fooled by their responses to complaints on this review site. also watch out for review sites that earn their money promoting a few "top" web sites.
Despite Greengeeks creamy response to my previous complaint they did nothing too help me. They took 2hrs to give Control Panel access back and insisted I debug Tikiwiki, an open source CMS/WIKI. They gave no help in this and couldn't even give the URL that caused the issue. They insisted I fix and only way I had was to disable Tikiwiki. After doing this it took 6hrs of emails and complaints to get access restored to my static web pages. The site is now up wihout Tikiwiki, just afew static pages, and I am looking for a new hosting service. They did help by providing a backup of the site for me....

Francis Zimmerman

Apr 22, 2010 05:06
I'm a web hosting reseller with GreenGeeks and applaud Trey and his gang for the hard work they do to keep me in business. Since signing up with GreenGeeks I've been most pleased with the reliability, performance and customer service that I get for my money. My customers almost never bother me for issues related to sites going down or slow. What I love most is the fact that there is ALWAYS someone available to help me with any of the issues I have been faced with. It's good to see a 24/7 operation that actually is 24/7. I'm also glad I chose them for their green commitment. The others don't come half as close to what these guys to in terms of working with other green entities. These guys are the real deal and you would be stupid to not work with them! Kudos!

Kevin Roh

May 09, 2010 07:29
Currently, I've been with GreenGeeks for about a month now, more or less.
Right now, I have no problems with downtimes, lag, or anything like that.

If I had to compare HostGator with GreenGeeks, I would pick GreenGeeks all the way, even though HostGator does provide good service, it just seems to be overpriced.
GreenGeeks provides unlimited space and bandwidth, but only limits you on how many accounts you can create. This feature I just love!

The price for the reseller is just amazing, well, just because it doesn't limit you on how much space and bandwidth you can use.
Their customer support isn't the best, but it still helps you out!

I have not experienced any downtimes ever since I've been with them!

Christophe Bandini

May 12, 2010 12:26
I've moved to for two reasons: I wanted my website to do a little something for environment, may it be only symbolic. I mainly come to GreenGeeks because of very disappointing experiences in the past with my former webhosting companies. Experiences which had not prepared me for such an excellent customer service like the one can be proud of.
If my websites happen to be offline on rare occasions, it is never for more than 10 minutes and EACH time I contact support I have a reply in the minute.
Like we use to read it on dvds ... "Two thumbs up !!" \o/

benny Kusman

Jun 19, 2010 06:00
Just because i want to do something for environment, i started to sign up for greengeeks. The feature is good,unlimited space and bandwidth, but the customer service is just lack of knowledge and seems not to understand about hosting. Only level 3 support is the good cust service but it's not easy to contact them. Multiple times i alerted their team that the server load is more than 2 or 3, but they seems to say there is nothing wrong and yet my clients web started to slow down.

Overall, choose other hosting companies that provide knowledgeable cust service.


Jun 24, 2010 12:42
I signed up and the rep said that I would get my account details in 10 to 15 minutes, I didn't get the login information in that time so I called their support people. I was surprised that I got someone within only a few seconds, and this was on a Sunday!!! The agent told me check my spam folder, which I did and it was not there. They resent the login information and I got it within a few seconds at the time. The rep didn't want to let me go until I was sure I had the information I needed. Now that's what I call customer service! It's refreshing! Very homely feeling too! Price isn't bad at all and obviously the service that I get for the price is worth every cent! Go with these guys!


Jul 07, 2010 01:45
I have been robbed. Their website STATES: "Monthly Price $4.95/month Includes Free Domain & Setup" I have since been charge $148 for the full three years! A guy called and rushed through his script and never once confirmed the price. Now my rent check will bounce, my kids will go hungry and my lights turned off. Homeless = no internet = no income = no website = no life. They have refused my phone calls, my emails and hung up on me numerous times. Warn people away from them. They are horrendous.


Aug 05, 2010 04:48
A message for Trey Gardner the owner.

This is not a review but we are planning for a month now to sign up with Green Geeks because we love the features that they offer in the reseller packages. I'm leaving another hosting company because of their servers crashing or having errors almost daily and takes my sites offline just about every 30 minutes. I am so disappointed with some hosting companies that I had to write here and see if I can finally get good service.

I have many joomla sites and I need them to stay online all the time. I'm reading many possibly organized positive reviews and numerous bad reviews. What I need to know is, can Green Geeks provide me with top notch hosting services. I'm a web site designer and provide hosting services and I need to keep my existi...

Tara Walsh

Apr 09, 2010 11:06
My decision to host with GreenGeeks was an excellent one. Since day one I have been receiving the service I am paying so low for! The customer service is excellent, the technical support is awesome and the service it self performs the way it is supposed to. I have seen some minor glitches, but they are quickly corrected, nothing that I am concerned about. I recommend these geeks to anyone looking for reliable and friendly hosting!


Dec 22, 2009 09:52
This is the worst service I have ever feet. They come with excuses if they never have errors. Although their server often makes down often. They write to you as an amateur. They generally have little knowledge of what they sell. Stay away if you do not want the world's worst service, and lots of errors

Dale Kig

Dec 08, 2009 06:22
After 2 months use, GreenGeeks suspended my account because of excesive use (200 hits a day) They refuse to talk with me on the phone and will only talk via email. I try calling support and they refuse to talk. No warning No nothing .. I paid them one year in advance. I would avoid using them !!!!!!


Aug 08, 2010 11:45
I host my small jewelry shop through GreenGeeks. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing and receiving help from my host was imperative to my decision to sign up. The sales team was very helpful in getting me the information that I needed to sign up and then the technical team was very helpful making sure I received everything I needed to get going. Installation of the shopping cart was a breeze. The secure certificate got a little bit tricky, but they got that taken care of for me pretty quickly. This host is great because they actually care about their customers, you can see this by the responses from Trey himself. They're also green, which is very important to me! Sign up with these guys! You won't regret it.

Jimmy Federickson

Jul 11, 2009 01:37
I never knew that green web hosting even existed until I got fed up with my last host and started looking for a new host! I'm very glad that I found GreenGeeks. Since the moment I gave them a call to ask them about their service about 6 months ago I have been getting amazing service. I also love the fact that they are 300% green and not just 100%. If you're looking for a fast, reliable web hosting company, you need to go with these guys! Highly recommended!

M Storm,

Jul 15, 2009 08:45
As a mom I want to make sure that I am doing what I can to help keep this earth in excellent condition for my kids' futures. So when I decided to move to a new company, I immediately was drawn to Green Geeks. It has been such a delight to realize that they are super friendly, have excellent customer service, and bend over backwards to not only make sure my transition was seamless (I had ZERO downtime), but that any questions I have are always answered quickly, efficiently, and friendly. All that and I get to help save the planet too? I'll take it!

Craig Garison

Jul 21, 2009 04:10
I am very happy I have found GreenGeeks. I have been with several hosting companies the last few years and none of them compare to the service that GreenGeeks offers. Their technical support is very knowledgeable and very straight forward, they do not beat around the bush! They get what is required done and if they don't, they explain why and then get it done. I also love the fact that they are very green, more so than the rest of the "green" hosting providers out there.

If you're looking for a quality web hosting provider and want to help the environment (which you should), then GreenGeeks is the hosting company for you.


Aug 03, 2009 09:07
After 3 weeks hosting my web site at Green Geeks, the hosting server had a crash. My site was down for nearly 60 hours. During this time, no support was available over the phone and only a few emails went out to customers about the problem. Each email was overly optimistic and promised to have all sites back up very shortly. This obviously did not happen. When I finally got someone on the phone he was juggling the conversation on speaker phone while pounding away on his keyboard responding to other customers' emails, etc. After the server was back up Green Geeks offered 3 free months to all customers, but customers had to send an email request to receive this offer rather than having it automatically applied.

Less than one week after this outage, a server reboot caused my w...

Brandon Gallagher

Aug 04, 2009 01:14
I run my business web site with GreenGeeks and I was affected by the outage as well a week ago (probably same server) but I have to say that they handled the situation to my satisfaction. I moved over from a host that recently had an issue that was similar to what happened at GreenGeeks, but they lost all our files and had absolutely NO communication. GreenGeeks kept me up to date on the outage, they answered my tickets, live chat and had a status on their phone system. The best thing was that they were able to restore all of our files after such a disaster and that in my books bodes well.

I suffered 60 hours of downtime, I didn't lose a year's worth of e-mails and I was back to business as soon as they got us back up. They also offered a resolution and gave us a credit. There i...

Krystal Phillips

Aug 05, 2009 02:42
After having a horrible experience with another hosting company who I won't mention, I started looking for another host, I was actually amazed and shocked to see that hosting companies too are going green! I gave them a call, I called their tech line to see if they were really there and they answered within seconds, literally. This was at about 2AM. I decided to give them a go and since then I have had nothing but the best service ever. Their support is very friendly and supportive of helping customers grow. GreenGeeks is the best web hosting company that I have ever used and I totally recommend this green web hosting company! Go GREEN!

Daryl Summers

Aug 19, 2009 04:50
I'm very glad I found GreenGeeks. I switched over from a competing cPanel host and GreenGeeks moved everything over for me, for free! Since starting with them, I have received nothing but the best quality in support and service. I love the fact that they are green and helping the environment also! This is a top notch host, make sure you seriously consider GreenGeeks when deciding to go with a host. You've got my vote!


Sep 03, 2009 05:39
I signed up with GreenGeeks this year and have to say that they have an outstanding service. Them being environmentally friendly is also a plus! Great host, great service, friendly United States support!

Nick Kent

Sep 04, 2009 07:40
I moved from HostGator because I wanted to offer green hosting to my customers. I was surprised at how quickly GreenGeeks moved all my customer's cpanel accounts from Hostgator. It would've been a nightmare if I had to do it on my own. Since then, the servers are faster, the support is better, and the price/quality of the service is 100x better.

If you're looking for a great reseller hosting provider, GreenGeeks is the one! It's almost no work to make the switch!


Sep 13, 2009 02:06
Beware of! Here is my complaint against

Compaints about web hosting service. A warning: About Hosting Service.
Don't make the mistake I made. This complaint against is 100% accurate and truthful.

I placed my order with yesterday and used the discount code Boonex10 at checkout like they said to do for a $10 discount. said if you pay with PayPal they will refund the $10 discount after the account is charged. The refund never came and I sent and email to billing dept. and received no response.

I have been a customer of "no relation to" for 12 years now and their tech support is the best & real 24/7 supp...


Sep 13, 2009 11:20
I have been with GreenGeeks only a short time, as I've indicated, but in that short time I must say I have been very impressed.

I was forced to move from my former hosting service (FutureQuest) due to memory constraints. I am using the Drupal CMS to build my site and have made liberal use of a large number of very helpful modules. In fact, I had created so many new content types and used so many contributed modules that the memory limits at FQ prevented me from being able to administer key areas of my site!

The move from my former host was handled very well and done in a timely manner even with my interference (I'm very hands on).

Because I don't care much for CPanel I cannot give it a great rating. However, the ability to utilize ftp and ssh more than makes up f...

Victor Lexington

Dec 19, 2009 06:58
I'm very happy that I found GreenGeeks. They've got some of the best servers and great customer service. A lot of companies advertise 24/7 support, but these guys really do have someone there and helpful too! I had a quick question about private name servers and the live chat agent was able to help me immediately. Sometimes I am passed off to opening a ticket, but even those are answered very quickly. If you're looking for an excellent web host, with great customer service... GreenGeeks is the company for you.


Sep 23, 2009 09:32
Hi, I truly appreciate the In just the week or so I have been with them, their service is truly excellent. They have went well above and beyond my expectations to help me migrate my site over and double check all my details were in order. They were just asked by the US government to lead the way for renewable and sustainable internet business examples for us all. Trey, the CEO emailed me this morning to let us know. Congratulations by the way! GreenGeeks are very much the real deal. hey I am with five other hosts and one may have came close but none overall offer the value and service you find here, they have offered to move the rest of my sites over too, so I will take them up on that. Honestly folks, do your research and then come on back to GreenGeeks, they as good as ...

Vincent D.

Oct 14, 2009 04:38
I purchased reseller account at Green Geeks and had a couple of problems during my first few weeks.

First, a DNS problem, I needed to contact level 2 support via email because the tech representative who attended on me via live chat isn’t knowledgeable enough to solve the problem. Actually he can’t figure out the problem and keeps on insisting that everything was okay. I was very frustrated. Next, all my sites were down and I can’t load my cPanel or connect through FTP. I Contacted tech support via email and the first reply I got was, again, “Everything’s okay”. I needed to send another email and explain the problem extensively. (fortunately, I’m a web developer and so I know how web hosting stuff works. If not for my background, the problem may have continued for several day...

Valerie Gomes

Oct 14, 2009 07:18
I recently subscribed to the GreenGeeks reseller web hosting service after learning about their recent green efforts. I thought it was very cool and decided that my customers would also enjoy the fact that their web sites are hosted "green". My issue was moving half a dozen web sites from Hostgator, since I've never moved from a provider to provider before. I contacted their sales and they claimed to have a free cPanel to cPanel migration service, which I thought was cool. After a few hours of sign up, my accounts were moved from Hostgator to GreenGeeks! It was the easiest thing ever!

Josh and Karl did a wonderful job walking me through the process and keeping me in the loop during the entire migration, kudo's to them!

Thank you GreenGeeks for what you're doin...


Oct 14, 2009 08:18
This is the worst hosting company I have dealt with since beginning to host sites over 8 years ago. Their price is average, their features are standard features for CPanel hosting, and they are 300% green. The green part is what motivated me to sign up but it was the worst mistake I made.

First I tried to use shared SSL. Didn't work, support advised me that “shared SSL is 1998 technology” and that I should pay $30 for dedicated IP and $15 for SSL. Why should I when shared SSL was advertised as a feature. I had to send Trey and email, and he did get it resolved. The whole process took 2 weeks; unfortunately the shared SSL is self signed, so it gives a warning and causes a red address bar in browsers. I just let it go, even though other hosts have shared SSL that won't cause brows...

Chris Kaminski

Oct 14, 2009 11:18
Avoid this company like the flu. I've been in IT for over 30 yrs, writing websites for 12.
Need to move my clients to a new host. Chose Green Geeks. First revies I found we not bad but after I started digging. Lost a week trying to get a simple stat package working.
Support was there to answer the phone or chat but that was it. they could not fix the problem. They cover up by saying it has to be escalated. Question them anad they become down right nasty. Had to rquest cancelation 3 times.
Avoid these people

Juri Charleston

Oct 18, 2009 12:04
GreenGeeks has been an outstanding web hosting company for me so far. I've migrated from another cPanel hosting provider that just had a horrible time keeping their servers up and their support sounded like robots, same excuses! Not with GreenGeeks! I'm always able to get someone on their live chat and their telephone guys answer very quickly. They do escalate the issues from live chat for certain issues, but their support gets back very fast.

I chose GreenGeeks because they had so many great reviews about them and they are green! I recommend them to all my friends and family!

Trent Jones

Oct 20, 2009 10:22
I run a business that requires my web site to be up, 24/7. All the time. No questions asked. I researched GreenGeeks and felt that they were the ones that took extra care at what they do, a clear indication of that was their price (double the cheap, useless hosters). I'm very glad that I did the research. I have yet to go down and communication with technical support is rapid and useful. I've had great experiences with Karl, Josh, Derek and Chris.

I can rely on these guys to run my business that makes my living. They've held their end of the bargain and I have no complaints after 1 year with them. Highly recommended.

Justin McCowan

Oct 22, 2009 03:59
I have been with Green Geeks for about a year now and I'm very happy with the performance and customer service I have received from them. The price is affordable in comparison to the features and quality of service that you get. What I really like most is the detail they go into when providing you with assistance. I have always been able to get someone at any time of the day or night and best of all, they are all based out of North America! I recently had an e-mail issue, it was fixed within 10 minutes via e-mail support! That's what I call speedy service!

Terrance Low

Nov 26, 2009 06:46
GreenGeeks is a great web hosting company. I have their reseller service and I have to say, since signing up with them, I have yet to experience some downtime. The technical support is very friendly and supportive, they go out of your way to help you. In my experience, I had a customer that had an issue that I had no idea about, they went through the effort of making me understand it so that I can properly relay it to my customer. Now that's a true partnership! They are some what slow to respond to tickets after 12AM to respond to tickets, but their live chat is always available and answer within a few seconds!

I had a difficult time finding a partner to work with for my hosting business. I am glad I came across these guys! They've made doing web hosting very easy. Especially sin...

Kimberly Hanson

Dec 04, 2009 07:43
I've been with Greengeeks for about a year and am impressed with the level of service that I have received. Getting my account started with them was a breeze. When I needed their help, they were there to walk me through the setup of my e-mail accounts. I've not had any service issues so they have been very reliable from every angle. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Steve Voorhees

Dec 07, 2009 10:02
When I started with Green Geeks they were good. I had a reseller account with them and while there the server I was on crashed, and there have been issues since then. They have also disabled SpamAssassin and the cPanel backups function, stating the are too resource intensive. Trying to get backups of my clients when moving was a nightmare. There were also numerous connection failures reported by monitoring services, and FTP or cPanel file manager uploads averaged 3-10kbps which is pathetic. When brought to supports attention, the standard reply was that there were no errors reported on the server and everything appeared to be working.

I would recommend avoiding Green Geeks, unless you don't care about performance, spam, or backups.

Henry Robinson

Dec 08, 2009 02:23
I started using GreenGeeks a few months ago as I wanted to expand my reseller hosting business. I loved the green aspect and felt that passing that off to my customers would be a good marketing tool. I eventually moved all my customers to GreenGeeks and the site migration service went off without a hitch. The staff moved everything over for me and I simply switched my DNS. I haven't had any outage alerts or any issues with the service. The price, service and friendliness of the staff is nothing short of great.

Sofia Calderon

Oct 11, 2009 05:08
I was VERY happy with this hosting service... for the first month. I have a reseller account, and one of my clients started having problems to recieve her company´s emails. Her crew only uses webmail, WHICH I SPECIFICALLY ASKED ABOUT in the pre sales questions.

We were adviced to use roundcube. BUT we could NEVER get it to save the configurations, as well as other minor problems. The support crew, while polite and prompt, were not able to solve it, and adviced us to change to squirrell. We did. We started having problems with html configurations almost inmediately (emails would get to the consumer in html code, with tags, almost unreadeable)

Yes, they DO answer within half an hour. (forget the "online" chat. they will always send you the email system if is anythi...

Cobus Taljaard

Aug 17, 2010 04:26
Wanted to host (shared) my wife's wedding photography website, but was told that they do not host images. I followed up with them to find out what they define as "image hosting" and to explain the low traffic volumes of the said site. I did not receive a reply.

Why then can users install Coppermine / Gallery if image hosting is not allowed?

Steven Guadalupe

Apr 30, 2010 10:11
I'm a web hosting reseller with GreenGeeks. Since signing up I've been extremely happy with the reliability, performance and customer service that I get for my money. Support is available 24/7/365 (or 366 in a leap year as they say). I would recommend green geeks to everyone.

Yari Adi

Aug 23, 2010 06:37
I usually never post on review sites if I am happy... I just recommend and pay the bill month after month, but these guys really charmed me and I had to talk about it! Firstly, I love the fact that they are green... I am a big nature freak and this hits close to home. They go out of their way to make going "green" cool. Secondly, when I moved to them over a year ago, I was having a incredibly difficult time keeping my blog up, my old hosting company would not and could not get my site to stay up, probably horrible servers or something. I used GreenGeeks' free site migration, which was a life saver. Within a few hours, my site was moved over and was running on their servers. I noticed a speed difference right away and my uptime monitoring also pleased my eyes! Since moving to t...

Jan 17, 2012 02:28
Jie atsisako nutraukti sutartį
Nors priegloba buvo pakankama mano reikmėms, kai bandžiau jas atšaukti prieš 4 MĖNESI, jie neatšaukė mano sąskaitos. Dabar tai tebevykstanti problema, kai 3 skirtingi agentai su jais atsisakė atšaukti mano sąskaitą. Dabar pateikiu sukčiavimą BBB internete ir bandydamas priversti juos atšaukti paslaugą.

Richard S

Jan 24, 2012 05:15
„Greengeeks“ uolos!
Statymo teisė: aš labai rekomenduočiau naudoti „GreenGeeks“ kaip interneto svetainę.

Prieš keisdamas savo domenus į „GreenGeeks“, buvau kelių kompiuterių klientas ir bet kuriuo atveju buvau nusivylęs teikiama paslauga bei technine pagalba.

Pirmąją dieną, kai perėjau į „GreenGeeks“, patyriau, kaip tai gali būti: parama yra nepaprastas, kiekvienas mano prašymas buvo apdorotas per kelias minutes! (o ne dienas, kaip su kai kuriais kitais šeimininkais), o geriausia buvo tai, kad „GreenGeeks“ darbuotojai išsprendė prašymą, kad būtų visiškai patenkinta, o tai man buvo pirmas.

Jei kas nors ieško patikimo, kompetentingo ir įperkamo žiniatinklio prieglobos: „GreenGeeks“ yra geriausia, su kokia teko susidurti ...


Feb 21, 2012 06:46
Visiškai nesidžiaugia šia paslauga
Visa 30 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija. Nesitikėkite, kad kada nors atgausite pinigus su šiais klounais. Nesitikėkite, kad galėsite su jais talpinti tik paprastą HTML svetainę. Nesitikėkite, kad į savo svetainę įdėsite PHP kontaktinę formą. Ji neveiks, todėl svetainė sumažės. Jei paklausite apie tai ir aš net pasakiau, kaip ją išspręsti, jie tiesiog apkaltins jus ir jūsų svetainę. Tai nėra nieko neribota. Prašau nesumažinti pinigų šiems žmonėms. Jie nėra labai gerai išmanantys, ką daro, ir niekada nematysite, kad iš jų bus grąžinta visa suma. Netikėkite atsiliepimais, kuriuos matote, kur savininkas eina, teisindamasis kiekvienu rašančiu asmeniu ...

W Roberts

Mar 18, 2012 06:13
„Greengeeks“ startavo gerai
Norėjau išbandyti naują šeimininką ir daug apsipirkinėjau. Mano internetinių svetainių biudžetas yra ribotas, nes vis dar kuriu idėjas ir dar nėra pajamų tiesiogiai iš žiniatinklio. Pirmųjų metų bandymo kaina yra labai gera. Atnaujinimas yra įprasta kaina, kuri yra normali.
Norėčiau, kad jie galėtų užregistruoti & quot; .co & quot; bet šiaip geras sandoris.
Atkreipkite dėmesį į & quot; nemokamą & quot; domeno vardas smulkiu šriftu. Tai yra pagrįsta, tačiau yra tam tikrų galimų išlaidų, jei atšauksite užsakymą per 30 dienų arba neatnaujinsite prieglobos po 12 mėnesių. Aš rekomenduočiau naudoti domeno vardą, kurį pasirenkate tik paskyrai sukurti, tačiau esate pasirengęs atsisakyti, jei jums (dėl kokių nors priežasčių) reikia ...


Mar 19, 2012 07:03
Nuostabi kompanija!
Niekada neturėjau tokios nuostabios patirties su interneto prieglobos paslaugų teikėju. Man patinka, kad jų parama yra apie 24 valandas per parą. Žodžiu, bet kada dieną ar naktį galiu siųsti el. Laišką ir jie ten yra. 24 valandų tiesioginis pokalbis yra puikus, o Šiaurės Amerikos komanda leidžia taip lengvai bendrauti su jais. Šie vaikinai šioje pramonėje dirba daugelį metų ir tai tikrai rodo. Būsiu su „GreenGeeks“ metų metus!

Justin I

Apr 19, 2012 08:31
100% žalia - 0% pasitenkinimas
Aš tiesiog turėjau atšaukti savo sąskaitą, kai kilo per daug patikimumo ir našumo problemų. Mano prašymas buvo grąžinti proporcingą likusios tarnybos sumą man ir grąžinti mus abiem keliais. Joshas Dargie išnagrinėjo mano problemą ir išlaikė 100% robotų požiūrį, skleisdamas tekstą iš jų DUK ir terminų, o ne tvarkydamas mano situaciją kiekvienu atveju atskirai. Jis taip pat kaltino visą mano problemą man, priskirdamas tai hakerių atakų taikiniui. Pripažįstu, kad kartą taip nutiko. Bet po to, kai buvo pateikti kiti su našumu susiję bilietai, aš greitai pašalinau problemą, kai buvo pranešta, nes tai buvo „WordPress“ saugumo problema.

„GreenGeeks“ ...


Aug 20, 2010 11:59
I hardly post reviews but this is one I promised myself I would make. It's been almost a year since I closed my account on GG and with no regrets. Their system is basic, nothing special to offer compared to most other hosts out there.

Coming from a customer service background I find I'm very patient with people on the receiving end, but with GG I was left with no option but to cut short our relationship.

One evening out of nowhere I got a message saying something to the effect of "This website has been suspended, please contact billing department".. not only was this embarrassing but it was also inaccurate. It gave the impression that my website had not been fully paid up for, even though I believe I had paid for the year.

After contacting their support ...

May 06, 2012 05:03
GreenGeeks čiulpia blogai
„GreenGeeks“ yra tinkamas šios interneto kūrimo įmonės pavadinimas. „GreenGeeks“ neturi galimybės tinkamai atsakyti į kliento klausimus ir reikalavimus, todėl jie nepatiria tinkamo elgesio su klientu.

Paprašiau „GreenGeeks“ grąžinti visą sumą, o „GreenGeeks“ palaikymo vadybininkas Joshas Dargie pasiūlė 100,00 USD dalinį kreditą, [email protected] Visa sumokėta suma siekė 148,20 USD. Josh Dargie teigimu, likutis buvo už sąskaitos apdorojimo mokesčius. Atsakiau p. Dargie, kad pareikalausiu panaikinti mokestį ir parodyti kreditą „Visa“ sąskaitoje iki 2012 m. Vasario 5 d. Kreditas ...


May 28, 2012 10:51
Smarkiai nusivylęs „Greengeeks“
Toliau pateikiama el. Laiško, kurį buvau priverstas išsiųsti Trey Gardneriui dėl paslaugos (ir jos gedimo), kopija iš „Green Geeks“. Iki šiol dar negavau atsakymo.

Norėčiau pasveikinti viešą atsakymą į šį laišką šiame puslapyje ir suprasti, kaip ponas Gardneris ketina išspręsti šią problemą.

Didelis ačiū

Iš: S ******
Išsiųsta: jueves, 2012 m. Gegužės 17 d. 18:41
Kam: „[email protected]
Tema: Skundai dėl gautų klientų aptarnavimo ir sąskaitos www. *****. Co *** tvarkymas

Labas vakaras Trey,

Liūdna, kad turiu atkreipti jūsų dėmesį į rimtus klientų aptarnavimo ir sąskaitų valdymo trūkumus ...

Francis B

Jun 02, 2012 06:58
Puikus prieglobos paslaugų teikėjas
Aš jau daugelį metų esu klientas, daugiau nei 4 metus. Aš turiu keletą paskyrų su jais (bendrinamas ir „vps“). Abi paslaugos, kurias turėjau su jomis ir kuriose veikia daugybė „WordPress“ diegimų, veikia puikiai. Mano bendravimas su jų pagalbiniais darbuotojais buvo malonu ir paprasčiau tariant, neturiu jokių priekaištų šiai įmonei.

Perskaičiau keletą kitų atsiliepimų, susijusių su jų atsiskaitymu. Aš dar neturėjau problemų su jų atsiskaitymo darbuotojais. Visada profesionalus, greitas ir tikrai teisingas.


Jun 07, 2012 03:26
Gerai pagalvokite prieš registruodamiesi
Prieš dvejus metus pradėjau nuo „GreenGeeks“ už puikią reklaminę kainą. Antrus metus atnaujinimas įvyko 100%, todėl pranešiau jiems per emai, kad noriu perkelti savo domeno vardą ir atšaukti savo paskyrą (priegloba). Reikėjo dviejų savaičių kasdienių el. Laiškų, kad galiausiai juos įtikinčiau leisti mano domenui pereiti prie Godaddy. Jei jūsų pozicija šioje pozicijoje nuolat jas spaudžia. Jie griebia „DrupalforDummies“ minią, kurią laiko tada, kai laiko savo & quot; manekenus & quot; domenų įkaitais už išpirką, kai jie nemoka, jie brangino prieglobą. Laimei, mano sunkus darbas ir užsispyrimas pasiteisino ir dabar aš turiu savo domeną! Horay!

Man buvo labai malonu gauti savo domeną ir pajusti, kad Gr ...


Dec 27, 2011 04:06 blogiausias serverių tiekėjas
Baisus serveris, siaubingas palaikymas ... visų laikų blogiausias prieglobos paslaugų teikėjas ... Tikras šio „prieglobos“ veikimo laikas yra apie 80%

Teikiama parama yra nepakankama, o blogiausia - jie nesuteikia jums realių sprendimų, tik šaltas atsakymas ir blogas realusis laikas

Lame ...

Esu „“ dvejų metų klientas, o 15 metų - žiniatinklio valdytojas, ir tai yra blogiausias serveris, kokį esu patyręs. Nerekomenduosiu tiems, kurie nori augti ...


Oct 26, 2012 08:15
„GreenGeeks“ atsargines kopijas prižiūri tik 24 valandas
„Mastercard“ kompanija mano, kad galbūt mano kreditinė kortelė galėjo būti klonuota, kitai išsiųsti prireikė daugiau nei 15 dienų.

Tuo tarpu „GreenGeeks“ prieglobos sąskaita nebuvo sumokėta.

Išsprendžiau kortelės problemą, atlikau mokėjimą, prašydamas nuolaidos, kad vėl suaktyvinčiau paslaugą. Kadangi praėjo tik keturios atšaukimo dienos.

mano staigmena, neveikė jokia svetainė ar el. paštas. Paprašykite palaikymo ir gaukite šį atsakymą:

Bijau, kad jūsų paskyra buvo nutraukta spalio 12 d., Spalio 16 d. Ir vėl suaktyvinta, tik „GreenGeeks“ palaiko mūsų atsargines kopijas 24 valandas. Šiuo metu neturėtume turinio kopijos.

Ačiū ir puiku ...


Mar 12, 2013 09:51
30 dienų garantija Suktybė / „GreenGeeks“ nėra pakankamai moki, kad galėtų grąžinti 148,20 USD [...]
Užsiregistravau į „GreenGeeks“ paslaugą 2013 m. Vasario 4 d., Bet mano paskyra nebuvo suaktyvinta
iki 6-osios, nes jie norėjo patikrinti mano tapatybę dėl 148.20, kuriuo buvau
imamas už išankstinį apmokėjimą už 3 metus už pagrindines prieglobos paslaugas. (178.20-30.00 nuolaida)
Jų interneto svetainėje paaiškėjo, kad jie turi 30 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantiją ir
paslaugų svarba „GreenGeeks“ kaip įmonei. Po kelių savaičių po kelių nesėkmių
bando atsakyti / išspręsti kai kuriuos pagrindinius paslaugų klausimus / klausimus, aš jiems pranešiau, kad
norėtų atšaukti sąskaitą. Palaikymo asmuo, užmezgęs kontaktą su manimi, buvo
labai gražus ir pasiūlė alte ...


Mar 14, 2013 04:30
Too hard to switch to another service. Started the transfer process prior to domain renewal and had to pay green geeks to renew my domain registration before they would release my domain.

Vyacheslav Trotsak

Apr 20, 2013 03:44
Labai blogas „Drupal“ svetainių talpinimas

Gavau šios įmonės pranešimą sausio 10 d. -

& quot; Sveikas, Viačeslave,

Mes atkreipėme dėmesį į tai, kad jūsų vartotojo sąveikaujantis asmuo naudojasi per daug išteklių, o jūsų paskyra laikinai sustabdyta, kad kiti klientai daugiau netrukdytų.


Šiuo metu turite galimybę optimizuoti arba išspręsti problemą, kad tai nepasikartotų. Jei problemos optimizavimas / išsprendimas netrukdo problemai pasikartoti, tai reiškia, kad jūsų paskyra nebetinka bendrai naudojamo prieglobos aplinkai ir turėsite susirasti kitą interneto prieglobos paslaugų teikėją. Tam turite dvi galimybes:

1. Jūs galite būti profesionalus ...

Kevin Owen

Apr 28, 2015 01:47
Neturėjau jokių problemų ar neveikimo
Aš neturėjau jokių problemų ar prastovos „5 metų“ ir 6 „Green Geeks“ svetainėse. Ačiū už puikų aptarnavimą.

Jul 10, 2018 11:03
Poor customer support. They do not response quickly. They create bad customer experience. I do not like their service at all.

Jan 07, 2019 07:21
I was with godaddy, but they nickle and dime for every little thing, Green Geeks really jumped in and helped me move my domain and helped st me up with them. I anticipate staying with Green Geeks for the rest of my business life. Not only do they do great work, but the really want to help you even when your about to give up because of poor treatment elsewhere. If you want truly professional setvice hire Green Geeks

-Steven Gerred (Gerred Legal)
Licensed Paralegal

Jan 08, 2019 04:02
Aš myliu „GreenGeeks“
Aš pradėjau neturėdamas didelės kodinės patirties valdydamas klientų projektus naudodamas perpardavėjų prieglobą ir nuo to laiko augau „GreenGeeks“ dėka. Viskas yra paprasta naudoti, tačiau leidžia sudėtingus sprendimus.

Didelis pliusas: jų klientų aptarnavimas yra nuostabus.

Esu dėkingas, kad pradžioje radome „GreenGeeks“.

Jan 08, 2019 10:57
I switched to GreenGeeks from GoDaddy last year because it had better bandwidth and now alot more memory at 768 MB for a very affordable cost. The team was patient, helpful and excellent for a small business owner like me with little software experience to transfer my website over to them.

Jan 08, 2019 10:58
I've built and maintained websites on several ISPs for about 20 years. Green Geeks wins hands down. The service provided by phone or Live Chat is excellent. The documentation from support has been complete. I don't get unwanted telephone calls purporting to be just "follow-ups" but that really are telemarketing calls from the ISP.. I've had no reason to be concerned about technical issues. Good company and knowledgeable and considerate support staff.

Feb 06, 2019 05:42
Poor email support, underperforming VPS/VDS hardware (we are on shared). WE were also hit with a "site suspended due to excessive resource usage" email.

The worst offending is the support page, which contains outdated & irrelevant knowledgebase articles dating back to at at least 2010.

FAQ covering topics such as "configuration of Thunderbird email client" from 2012. How many clients run Thunderbird in 2019

Get it together guys.....

Apr 14, 2020 04:53
High uptime and convenient admin log. But really poor tech support. Several small sites on WP have been deployed, there are still no bells and whistles, the databases are empty, there are very few visitors per day. And every day the server goes off - "out of memory"

Brad Dalton

Feb 23, 2013 08:21
„GreenGeeks“ kenkėjiškų el. Laiškų siuntimas filialų klientams
Būdamas pilnu etatu dirbantis interneto dizaineris, mano klientai manimi pasitiki siūlydami kokybišką prieglobą, gerą aptarnavimą ir greitą įkėlimo laiką. „GreenGeeks“ bombardavo man elektroninius laiškus, bandydamas priversti juos nukreipti juos į verslą kaip filialą.

Pats pernai išbandžiau juos ir, patyręs labai prastą požiūrį ir paslaugumą, greitai persikėliau pas kitą šeimininką.

Taip pat atradau, kad jie išsiuntė klientams, kuriuos aš juos nukreipiau, žalingo pobūdžio el. Laiškus. Tikras pavyzdys:

Sveiki ####,

Atminkite, kad ponas Daltonas pagrobė jūsų domeną ir nukreipė jį nuo „GreenGeeks“. Deja, tai nutraukė visą darbą, kurį atlikome, kad išspręstume problemas ...


Sep 14, 2011 12:14
„GreenGeeks“ taupo man pinigus
„GreenGeeks“ esu klientas apie 6 mėnesius. Turėjau 512 VPS ir išleidau 40 USD per mėnesį tik vienai savo svetainei - nerimavau dėl didelio srauto, dėl kurio gali būti sustabdyta veikla - „GreenGeeks“ man paskambino ir pranešė apie paslaugą, kurią jie turi kaip vidinį atnaujinimą „Premium Ecosite“. Jie parodė mano VPS statistiką ir, mano nuostabai, sunaudojau mažiau nei 20% išteklių. Ir kad mano svetainė galėtų tilpti į šį „Premium“ planą ... Nuostabus dalykas - tik 19,95 USD. TAI 20 USD Sutaupyta !!! Mano svetainės veikia greičiau, taip pat gavau daugybę nemokamų priedų ... Tai buvo nuostabu. Patvirtina, kad pasirinkau geriausią įmanomą šeimininką. Kiek kitų kompiuterių rūpi klientai ir jų mokėjimai ...


May 04, 2012 09:45 buvo blogiausias visų laikų prieglobos paslaugų teikėjas ...
Aš 100% sutinku su kitais skundais, praleidau save kalbėdamas su klientų aptarnavimo tarnyba dėl savo plano pirkti kelias valandas (galbūt dienas), ir galiausiai buvau įsitikinęs, kad pirkau, o kai mokėjau, gavau juokingą el. Laišką sakydamas, kad mano paskyra atmesta, negalima suaktyvinti, susisiekite su kitu aktyvinimo skyriumi. Gerai, aš susisiekiau su jais ir neatsakiau. Iš tiesų gavau tik automatinius atsakymus, bet jokių tikrų atsakymų, kuriuose būtų nurodyta, kas nutiko ne taip ar ką daryti. Žr. Įklijuotus automatinius atsakymus šio laiško pabaigoje ....
Aš juos vėl išsiunčiau ir neatsakiau ... Po trečio karto, kai negavau jokio atsakymo, dar kartą susisiekiau su prekybos atstovu (tiesioginio pokalbio sesija) ...

George Quintal

Jun 21, 2011 04:46
Puikus tiekėjas
Prieš keletą metų pradėjau nuo „GreenGeeks“, kai ieškojau ekologiškesnio šeimininko. Atėjau iš interneto prieglobos paslaugų teikėjo, kuris visą laiką neveikė. Turėkite omenyje, kad neįsivaizduoju, kaip perkelti svetainę, todėl paklausiau „GreenGeeks“, ar jie norėtų ... jie pasakė TAIP! Taigi aš daviau jiems šūvį. Per 24 valandas mano svetainė buvo perkelta ir veikia jų serveriuose. Aš nieko nedariau, kad tai įvyktų, išskyrus tai, kad įsigijau jų paslaugą.

Mano „WordPress“ tinklaraštis peraugo jų bendrą prieglobą, todėl man reikėjo pereiti prie VPS, turinčio daugiau galios. Dar kartą neįsivaizduoju, kaip perkelti svetainę ... jų techninė komanda padarė viską už mane!

Nuo persikėlimo į „GreenGeeks“ aš niekada neturėjau didesnių ...


Sep 28, 2010 08:39
I really wanted to like Green Geeks. REALLY REALLY wanted to.
But, I'm just disappointed.
I was attracted to GG because of the 300% carbon footprint offset statements, great pricing, advertised 99.9% uptime, and the fact that they are colocated closer to me than my other host (hostgator).
My problems began almost immediately after signing up. Clients were calling me with complaints about unavailable sites, I was getting site unreachables (some network-based, some server-based), and sporadic slow response times. I emailed support, and they told me it was an abusive user who had been dealt with. I thought, "Okay, good, they must be on it!"
But, the problems were not resolved. More outages, more complaints. More emails to support. More "abusive users...

John Atkins

Sep 30, 2010 04:14
Have tested many many host providers. I own my own web design and development company. Been in this industry for 20+ years, rarely post as i feel its a complete waste of my time and energy, i just move on but i have read the response from AC - [email protected] and i just had to comment. We setup a reseller package at GG 15+ days ago, awesome features, good response time to support questions, but man their servers are painfully slow! Dropped connections was very common. FTP crapped out all the time. It is really disappointing, i did my homework (or so I thought) on this company. Like the below post suggests, if your website is not critical go mad but if your thinking about becoming a reseller with GG i would pass. its been very frustrating to say the least in trying to find a company that offers...

Chad C

Oct 04, 2010 02:43
I have been hosted at GreenGeeks for almost a year during my time there I have experienced consistent DNS errors causing problematic downtimes exceeding the advertised 99.9% up time guarantee. These errors happen almost daily, and at least 2-3 times a day, lasting from a few minutes up to 10 minutes.

Current Server Status as of this writing*:
Server Load 7.62 (8 cpus) (!)
Disk /dev/sda5 (/) 81 % <CAUTION>

*These stats fluctuate, and can be higher or lower than the above. These are just a small snapshot of server at the time this review was written.

I also have experienced extremely heavy server loads, unexplained 505 errors that mysteriously fix themselves, MYSQL data corruption, among a slew of other problems. In fact at times even the CPane...


Aug 07, 2011 12:11
„GreenGeeks“ yra blogiausias hostingas, kokį tik esu susidūręs.
Man labai gaila, kad kada nors perėjau prie „GreenGeeks“ prieglobos. Aš pats valdau keliolika svetainių ir už prieglobą mokėjau didžiausią dolerį. Norėjau sujungti visas savo svetaines į vieną serverį ir pagalvojau, kodėl gi nepardavęs perpardavėjo sąskaitos ir nepardavęs vienos man, o kitas perpardavęs, kad padengčiau mano prieglobos išlaidas ir taip pat uždirbčiau pinigų. Man patiko ekologiško prieglobos idėja.

Aš užsiregistravau „GreenGeeks“ sėklų perpardavėjų lygiu. Mano planas buvo perkelti savo svetaines ir pradėti pardavinėti prieglobą ir padidinti savo perpardavėjų planą, nes mano klientų skaičius išaugo. Pirmąjį mėnesį praleidau perduodamas visas savo operacijas į jų serverį. Tada kaip ir 30 dienų pinigų grąžinimo guara ...


Oct 28, 2010 10:20
Worst service. Email always down or inoperable. There is no phone customer service. All you get are emails back and forth, and lots of misunderstanding. Even now that I canceled my account, I got no refund for the months left on my account that I paid for. They will not grant me access to the domain name to move to a better hosting service (Go Daddy), even though it is more than one year and the domain name is mine!
They have been rude and unhelpful every step of the way. I like Go Daddy (and Go Daddy is hosted and serviced in the U.S.).


Nov 19, 2010 01:40
Simply put Green Geeks is awesome, I have two business sites hosted with them and the service is great, the servers are always fast, solid Cpanel, feature rich hosting package and the customer service is really good, easy to contact and quite helpful.

I wont bother re-listing all their features you can read that on the site but what I do want to do is put your mind at ease, if youve been killin yourself trying to find the right host well you found it, it doesnt get much better then green geeks and its eco friendly, what more could you want?

Ive tried several other hosts in the past and have left unsatisfied but green geeks has been great and I fully recommend them to everyone.

My only complaint is that coupon code, they wont apply it unless you contact them and ask ...

Jeremy Insole

Dec 03, 2010 07:06
Green Greeks are Trash. They portray themselves as ethical, environmental. When really they are just Capitalist's cashing in on your environmental beliefs. There are many alternatives to this company.

I switched to a company called EZPZ in the UK after my 13 month nightmare with GG, I thought many of the excuses were normal.

They blamed by SITE, they blamed too many images, bad configuration. When I did some research, they had put me on a shitty overloaded server. Not only do they charge the most, they do not re-invest the profits in good technology and keeping their clients happy. Things started to get bad after 12 months and mistake was to renew my account for another year, thinking that if this was not resolved, they would refund me pro-rata. They did not even have the ...

Nick R

Dec 07, 2010 02:53
Signed up to GreenGeeks about 2 years ago after a disastrous experience with a previous web host. I'm coming up for my renewal and will definitely renew. A few months ago, my web site got hacked, probably my fault because I had some out dated versions of Wordpress, but when I contacted technical support, they helped me right away by reverting my site back to a version before it got hacked. This saved me a lot of time and hassles. They did it for free too! Now that's customer service. Great company, great experience and great price. Keep it up!

Nancy Boyd

Dec 16, 2010 03:50
We switched to Green Geeks hosting after a very unsatisfactory experience with another "leader" in the green hosting arena, whose customer service support was practically non-existent. Green Geeks not only established our new account quickly and professionally, they have been there for us 100%, 24/7/365 ever since.

Their platforms run on clean, renewable energy. Their customer service and tech support is second to none. Their knowledge is deep and availability immediate, always.

We are thrilled with Green Geeks as our hosting team and everything they do for us. This company really IS a leader in the green hosting field -- and can prove it.

We have had only one incident of down-time the whole time we've been with them -- and that one wasn't their fa...


Dec 17, 2010 09:13
I have been using greengeeks for a while now and I have been very satisfied up until this point. For the past two days 12/14 through 12/16 I have been having nothing but issues with

To their credit whenever I have an issue Vance K usually resolves it quickly and in a timely manner.

But for the past two days I have been getting nothing but excused about the issues that I am experiencing with greengeeks. It started out by all of the websites I have hosted going down, 7 in all. They all went down at the same time so I contacted them and spoke with a David who doesn't seem to know what he is talking about but anyway he told me that they had an abusive user on the servers where my clients are hosted and about 10 minutes after our conversation the issue wa...

Julia Jackson

Dec 18, 2010 10:25
I started out with GreenGeeks a few years ago and was very happy I found them. I love their commitment to the environment and the stuff they do in the community to make the world a better place. As for the hosting it self, there is not much I can complain about. Whenever I needed help, I called in and got someone right away. A technician by the name of Jeff really took his time helping me figure my way around when I was new to this. My site is always available and fast. It just works and for $5 bucks a month, it's a steal.

World class service from world class people.

Thomas J

Dec 21, 2010 04:32
My experience with GG started in 2009. I run a eco-conscience business and it was a natural fit for me to select GG to host my site. At first, I thought that GG was full of BS in their commitment to the environment, but after reading more and even checking up with the places, I found that everything they say is in fact true! That goes a long way for me, because it's one thing to say you're green, it's another to actually be green.

My hosting experience with them since I have started has been superb and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The servers are very reliable and fast, I have yet to experience a slow down or outage. I've been confused sometimes, especially at the start when I migrated my site (since I have never done it), but the GG staff took care of my mig...


Oct 19, 2010 07:30
I am extremely satisfied with the service that GreenGeeks has provided me and my business!

We're a group of individuals who work on the road and require our e-mail service to be up all the time, otherwise we aren't able to work. I'm happy that we're able to rely on GreenGeeks' service. It has never let us down! In the few times we had technical issues, we contacted support and were able to get someone right away and have our issue resolved right on the spot!

Now GreenGeeks is what I call a true customer service oriented business.

Andy P

Dec 26, 2010 04:46
It seems like a long time ago, but I came to GreenGeeks after a horrible experience with another budget web host. My site would be down all the time, and I would get the run around regarding the reason why the site was down. I got fed up and started looking for a new host. That's when I found GreenGeeks. I gave them a call and immediately my call was answered and I was talking to a knowledgeable sales rep. What sold me was the fact that they would move the site completely over for me, without me getting involved. That's a great deal because I have no idea how to move my site. Ever since moving my site, I have had nothing but great service with GreenGeeks. My calls are answered, my tickets are dealt with quickly and live chat seems to never sleep. My site reliability and performance can'...

Alex B

Dec 23, 2010 06:05
I normally do not post reviews on sites, but I had to take time to share this with the world. I've been hosting with GreenGeeks for over a year now and recently, I accidentally deleted my entire site from the server. I had no idea what to do as I didn't have my own backups. I called in their tech support and got Jeff, who was very helpful. He told me that they could help me restore my site files. In a matter of minutes, my site was and files were completely restored from the nightly backups!

I never really trusted some features, only because it sounds too good to be true, but it's really nice to see that it actually sounds good because IT IS true!

Love you guys GreenGeeks!


May 24, 2011 02:19
Pavogtas domenas
Dėl „GreenGeeks“ naudojimo ir jų bjauraus klientų palaikymo pavyko pavogti mano domeną.
Aš turėjau jiems užregistruoti savo domeną ir prieglobos planą.
Po 6 mėnesių ir kelių pagalbos prašymų dėl greičio trūkumo, kuris liko neišspręstas, nusprendžiau perkelti prieglobą į kitą paslaugų teikėją. Su naujuoju tiekėju greitis iškart pagerėjo.
Praėjus 12 mėnesių, iš „GreenGeeks“ man buvo išsiųstas el. Laiškas, kad man bus automatiškai dar 12 mėnesių sąskaitos, kai pasibaigs 12 mėnesių.
Aš išsiunčiau el. Laišką „GreenGeeks“, norėdamas pasakyti, kad nenoriu tęsti prieglobos, kai jie atšaukė mano sąskaitą, įskaitant mano domeno registraciją.
Iškart išsiunčiau el. Laišką „GreenGeeks“, sakydamas, kad aš ...


May 23, 2011 12:13
I'd like to caution anyone considering Green Geeks. There are plenty of hosts to choose from with reasonable technical stats, and if you are the type of person who occasionally makes a mistake or misunderstands something you'd be better off somewhere else. I have been hosting with them for almost 2 years at this point, and have called in about issues a handfull of times. Not once have I felt good when I got off the phone.

They boast outstanding customer service on their front page, but every phone call leads to an operator saying "I'm sorry, you'll have to fill out an online ticket. I can not help you over the phone." More than once, I've gotten really condescending answers to my tickets that were not even addressing the real issue. When I had a billing issue and ...

Jenny Hendricks

Apr 28, 2011 06:24
Geriausias vedėjas, su kuriuo buvau!
Anksčiau turėjau dalį prieglobos paslaugų teikėjų nuo gero iki visiškai siaubingo. Aš nusprendžiau naudoti „GreenGeeks“, kai mano draugas, kuris taip pat yra klientas, pasiūlė man pereiti prie „GreenGeeks“. Taigi, po to, kai mano kadencija buvo susijusi su kitu jau priimtinu prieglobos paslaugų teikėju, nemaniau, kad „GreenGeeks“ gali mane labiau užpūsti nei mano esamas kompiuteris. Aš buvau neteisus!

Aš jau daugiau nei metus esu „GreenGeeks“ ir neseniai buvo įsilaužta į mano „WordPress“ tinklaraštį. Aš nežinojau, ką daryti, ir kad ir kokia kvaila buvau, neturėjau jokių naujausių atsarginių kopijų, todėl man tai buvo visiška katastrofa. Aš daviau šūvį ir susisiekiau su „GreenGeeks“ dėl pagalbos. Vienas iš jų technikų sugebėjo gerbti ...

Rich Bradson

Mar 21, 2011 05:46
I've been a customer of GreenGeeks for over 2 years now. If you're looking for a great host that's reliable with excellent technical support, then stop looking and start signing up! I came across a problem a few times and using the live support chat the issue was resolved in real time, within about a few minutes.

GreenGeeks also gives you access to a wide selection of third party software that's easily installed with 1 click, which I like very much! I don't have to get too deep and dirty with the code to get something I want.

GreenGeeks is also a environmentally friendly host, and that appeals to be very much because I am a nature nut! Even if you aren't, you could still be helping the planet by going with GreenGeeks, because technically they are very good too!


Covert Warrior

May 19, 2011 12:38
Žalieji geekai ŽIŪRĖ!
žali geeksai čiulpia, jie išnaikino mano narystės failus per 48 valandas, jie pasakė, kad tai yra failų saugykla, ir davė man 48 valandas juos perkelti, bet aš negavau jų el. pašto, jokio palaikymo bilieto, kaip jie teigia ... bet kas yra mažiausia žemas veiksmas, ar jie perleido šią svetainę ir ją įdiegė, ir dabar jie paminėjo žodį „failų saugojimas“ Visuose mano palaikymo bilietuose, kai mano svetainė buvo įdiegta, jie nė karto apie tai nepaminėta, aš šiandien paprašiau atsarginės kopijos .. ten buvo atsakymas & quot; mes neužtikrinkime šios atsarginės kopijos & quot; jie sugadino mano narystės svetainę. Tai užtruko dvejus metus mano gyvenimo, kol tai pasiekiau, ir jie mane išnaikino per 48 valandas. Niekada gyvenime nesu susidūrusi su tokia nekompetencija.


Noah Poleitis

Mar 09, 2011 07:25
I absolutely love the GreenGeeks service and what they are doing for the environment. I have several of my web sites hosted with them, some are business related and some are personal. My service with GreenGeeks has been very reliable and the technical support is fantastic! The fact that I can get someone that knows what they are doing early in the morning is quite amazing.

A great web hosting company doing great things outside of the hosting industry. Keep it up!

Jack Policaro

Mar 03, 2011 09:51
My site has been hosted with GreenGeeks for the past 2 years. I am a web designer and I use their service to display my work to my clients, so uptime and reliability is absolutely crucial. I've been with about a dozen other hosting companies and none of them stand up to the level of service that is provided by GreenGeeks. The CEO is actively engaged in what is going on, which is something that is rarely seen in this industry.

The technical support is North American. I love the fact that I can speak to someone that completely understands the language. It makes it for a less frustrating experience. They are very smart and helpful.

GreenGeeks is definitely a great place for a business to host its web site. If you're looking for a reliable company, these are the guys to trus...

Jilander Singh

Feb 16, 2011 12:24
The support is outstanding. We were trying to configure SMTP on our outlook for a long time.. so thought of getting help from support. In next 5 minutes, we were able to sort out the issue! Really your support service is rocking! David and Vance team is great in providing the support. I don't know whether the names are imaginary one but really the person deserves my appreciation... thank you.

Peter Franklin

Feb 11, 2011 08:48
I moved to greengeeks because I was experiencing too much downtime with my previous hosting company. Now it seems that not everything is as the adertise! I run two moodle and one Joomla + coppermine picture gallery on my site. Now greengeeks are threatening to DELETE all of my resorces, students work and pictures because as they state the class it as "file archiving". BEWARE, not all is as it seems! I am extremely dissapointed, harassed, and stressed over this situation, especially in view of the fact that they advertise all of these features namely namely content management systems like moodle, joomla, etc, and now it appears they are not happy with customers using these for their intended purpose!

Chris Farina

Mar 12, 2011 12:56
Well I have been with since 05/31/2010. I signed up for a Sprout reseller account. I have about 3 sites in development and 9 live sites (which are currently down) Up until this point I was very pleased with there service.

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from greengeeks about an "Abuse Violation" that one of my sites was sucking up 90% of the servers CPUs and had ben suspended. This made a little sense for the site was running magento. I was told I could either move on to a new host or upgrade to VPS.

I decided to go with 512 MB VPS. and was told that this should be sufficient to run the site. and that I would be pro rated. (yeah right)

I had moved the site over and it continually crashed from the memory exceeding. I asked for help on ...

Laura Duhan-Kaplan

Jun 01, 2020 08:30
I've used GreenGeeks hosting for my website and email for three years now. They have been great! GreenGeeks staff communicate with customers regularly, honestly tell you which products are best, offer clear and helpful tech advice plus prompt answers to account questions. Thank you, GreenGeeks.


Apr 03, 2020 07:31
GreenGeeks = fantastic customer support!Sometimes our environmental nonprofit would get a sudden surge of viral interest, and instead of penalize us or keep us in the dark about crashes, GreenGeeks was always very quick to simply work with us to pro-rate our account to handle the traffic.Their rates are competitive, and it's nice to trust that their commitment to the cause of a safe and healthy environment for everyone isn't just a gimmick.

Lynn Coady

Apr 03, 2020 07:42
I work with many hosting companies chosen by my clients. None have the Chat Support depth like Green Geeks. Most just "open a ticket." Green Geeks stays with you until the problem is solved most often with no hand-offs.


Apr 06, 2020 09:07
The professionalism and your customer service must be given the rating of full stars along with much appreciation for the quick response to my questions and concerns. Further more I must say that your service charges are really reasonable and in fact very satisfying when it comes to competition of yours Keep doing whatever doing 🙏


Apr 20, 2020 08:55
Great Service All RoundI am a developer and its not easy finding a reliable hosting company. I have been with GreenGeeks for quite a while now and have no plan in changing, their support is right on and fast. Main thing is they value their customers and look out for them in many aspects.

Jason Evans

Apr 27, 2020 05:35
There are too many good things about GreenGeeks to possibly capture in one review, but I will try. Aside from being environmentally friendly and a good value due to cost in relation to offering, I have found GreenGeeks service is beyond compare. When I have had issues installing something or getting something to work with other hosting providers, I have been told that they do not provide such support, they speak down to me, or they try to up sell me. Not GreenGeeks. The support is immediate, professional, and great to work with. Their C Panel is very well set up, and I have never had any down time in over three years. I highly recommend GreenGeeks to anyone requiring a web host!!

Alper C. K.

May 09, 2020 09:55
Great service, great web hosting! I always advice to my friends. Thank you.

Warren Brundage

May 12, 2020 11:38
I have been a GreenGeeks customer for more than two years. Since the first day I joined I have been so impressed with the support I have received. I rarely have reason to request support from GreenGeeks because their servers are maintained and updated with no downtime to my sites. I normally contact support because I have questions about services they provide or for additions to my service. GreenGeeks has live support with agents that are immediately available all day, every day so there is no waiting and they have the ability of resolving the vast majority of issues. For more complex matters I can open a support ticket or the first tier support agents will open a ticket as needed. Support tickets are resolved immediately and I have never waited more than a day even for complex re...


May 13, 2020 12:14
Customer service is outstanding, extremely little downtime, and friendly people. Great job I recommend y'all to everyone I hear of looking for a provider.


May 18, 2020 03:39
I have been with GreenGeeks Web Hosting for over 8 years. The support and professionalism is first class. The CHAT function works extremely well and results in an answer to my problem every time. GreenGeeks is a first-class hosting site!


May 17, 2020 06:42
I have been with Green Geeks for several years now and have nothing but praise for them. The customer service is fantastic. Any time I need help they are there. They helped me when I struggled to close my account with my former provider and have been there ever since. Furthermore the price is excellent and the payment schedule is so convenient. I highly recommend their services.

Aaron Smith

May 25, 2020 09:17
Amazing team with good customer support

Albert Dennis Newton

May 26, 2020 06:03
GreenGeeks Web Hosting, customer support is the best ever! Agent, Andrea G., was very knowledgeable and able to solve my concern within no time. The courtesy I felt, during our conversation was transparenta to that of excellent service and noteworthy!

Dorin CRS

May 26, 2020 07:44
I would like to start by saying that I had 2-3 support tickets that were resolved very quickly and I was surprised, you can't find something like that everywhere. The platform is very easy to use, what I really liked is that I can rest assured knowing that payments can be done automatically. What I find incredible is that they can offer a hosting service at a super low price and at the same time operate green. Thumbs up for that!

Nyanja Kelvin Poti

May 26, 2020 11:24
I am very satisfied with the service that the company offers,the speed is super and supporting team always online to solve customers problems on the spot. I highly recommend them.

Gustavo Adolfo Alarcón Gacitúa

May 27, 2020 05:14
We are resellers and affiliates of Green Geeks, and their service support it's incredible ! The best decition we ever take !


May 28, 2020 07:25
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNSeveral years ago, I decided to host my own discussion group and had to find a suitable home for it. After conducting research for several weeks, I decided to go with Green Geeks. This turned out to be a wise decision because I never had a single problem with this hosting service. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone seeking a trustworthy, reliable host for their site. Yours Truly,Thomas Arnold HYDRIV.CA

Jack Rees

Jun 01, 2020 03:06
I am not a reseller of hosting service; however, I am a website designer and I provide hoisting service for my clients.As a designer I needed hassle free tech service since I am not an IT guy.In particular when tech issues have from time to time occurred GreenGeeks tech service, whether it’s level one and or two the team always serviced my issues efficiently and most importantly quickly as timeline is a critical component for my clients Websites. It is one thing to provide host services, but it is another to be available to correct tech issues as the arise.

george hanna

Jun 01, 2020 05:18
I have been using many hosting services but for sure green geeks has the best service, technical support always know what they doing they fast reliable and secure i recommend their products and services for sure

Lara Rouse

May 25, 2020 08:48
I love that this hosting company is green and that I haven't had a single problem with the service. Highly recommend!